About Law Academy

Law Academy is a collaborative project led by three professionals, each an expert in their field of work - a legal expert, a recruitment professional, and a language coach.

Law Academy offers three modules:

1) Lawyer within a broader concept – You will come to realise what today's role of a lawyer actually is – in law firms, companies and elsewhere. You will work on case-studies and learn from experienced lawyers from the world of business. Furthermore, you will assess your current legal knowledge.

2) Professional evaluation – You will undergo behavioural assessment and psychological testing, whether you are a young graduates or an experienced lawyer. You will boost your CV, and prepare for a job interview. You will be guided throughout your professional orientation.

3) Legal English – You will master the legal terminology in order to be able to draft contracts, paraphrase and summarise legal documents, improve your CVs and cover letters. Moreover, you will become familiar with the appropriate terminological and lexicological sources, as well as with how to proofread and translate properly.

If you wish to apply for a free assessment by our experts who will recommend the most appropriate module(s) for you, feel free to contact us.


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Our Mission




I co-founded the project Law Academy to liaise law students and graduates with the business people. I have been under the impression that the great portion of quality candidates ends up misunderstood when applying for jobs. They are either seen as career opportunists, and those who are really good just as CV references collectors. What has always been missing was the needed passion and commitment. In my opinion, they are often hidden by a cloud of misconceptions of what applying law and working in a legal environment actually mean. Employers seem to be over-demanding in asking for sufficient English language skills, a strong grasp of practical skills and career focus, whereas such areas are poorly covered in faculties’ programmes.

Without putting a hold on academia, and moving typical moot court cases aside, which are a mixture of theoretical and repetitive work together with only one aspect of the modern legal work – arguing before a court, we developed Law Academy. 

We aim towards making people with legal background become true leaders and valuable members of their working teams in the near future. Businesses recognize this and join us in our project to give guidance and share experience with their younger or less experienced colleagues. 



After several years of collecting experience in meeting and interviewing young and experienced professionals, I was surprised by the lack of confidence, presentation and speaking abilities when discussing their professional career, experiences or ambitions. I made the same observation with young graduates and professionals – the majority of them did not gather any working experience during their studies and, being rich in theoretical knowledge, they could hardly communicate their idea, or did it in way not connected with reality.

As a client, I also interacted with young legal professionals, I am in contact with law offices and senior lawyers. Many senior lawyers complain about the lack of openness of the younger generation and their difficult adaptation to the working environment, which I noticed as well.

These observations and collected testimonies motivated me to co-found Law Academy in order to contribute and help young professionals become confident with their counterparts (hierarchy, clients, future employers etc.). In all service sectors, professionals have to know how to display and promote their knowledge before they deliver. Moreover, they have to be service-oriented, fast and dedicated to their clients. This approach is new a crucial attitude for success.

Therefore, I am aiming at reviewing each individual for their communication, presentation and argumentation skills, and helping them improve their weaknesses. The ones requiring assistance while preparing for their career development will undoubtedly find in me a motivated, experienced and invaluable counsellor along their career path.



After having worked with many young people in their final years at university and entering the world of business over the past several years, one thing remains clear and straightforward - mastering the English language skills is a must for them if they wish to be taken into consideration by any serious employer, as well as if they wish to progress in their career later on. 

Many language training sessions are not adapted to the needs of young professionals, especially lawyers, and they waste their valuable time and energy focussing on inappropriate content and skills, very often in an environment not suited to their own needs and interests. I have decided to assist them directly and efficiently by co-founding Law Academy through which they are given instant and individual feedback on their current language skills, which is then followed by uniquely designed language training for each of them.

Being a language trainer by vocation, my aim is to enable my students to become self-reliant, confident and versatile users of English aligned with their professional goals. As such, they will become indispensable members of any team possessing an invaluable asset to any employer, but primarily to themselves.